The mark of Arce's campaign –unlike C Level Executive List Community Citizen and We Believe– was the crisis and the discourse of "we as the only ones who can get Bolivia out of the C Level Executive List crisis." It is interesting, as an indication of what could happen, that when people were asked in the polls which of the candidates could best solve the economic crisis, Arce led the answers with a great advantage over Mesa C Level Executive List and Luis Fernando Camacho. 

The second was "Tuto" Quiroga, who C Level Executive List also had an anti-crisis discourse, from the right, but without a political structure – in fact, he ended up declining his candidacy. The politicians themselves made the pandemic disappear from the public agenda, and what appeared to be the number one concern of the C Level Executive List electorate was the economic crisis. And in that area, Arce had the right speech to win the elections. Second, Camacho's good strategy prevented him from following the fate of Oscar Ortiz -the Santa Cruz candidate in 2019-, whose electoral flow ended up almost pulverized by the useful vote in favor of C Level Executive List Mesa, which left him below 5%. 

Camacho also fell to 6%, but later, with the C Level Executive List change of date and a very short campaign that benefited him, he was able to recover. People no longer only talked about Arce and Mesa but also about Camacho; in fact, with a rather pyrotechnic C Level Executive List show, the Santa Cruz leader managed to be part of the election. It is true that he ended up with 14%, but he achieved a very important territorial vote in Santa Cruz (45%) and has the possibility of being the head of the C Level Executive List opposition thanks to his ability to mobilize. We don't know if Mesa can summon people; Camacho, yes.